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Unlocking the full potential of medical herbs and plants

Established by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience in agro-technologies, medical research and plant breeding, PhytoPharma brings innovative solutions, aiming to improve peoples’ lives by unlocking the full potential of medical herbs and plants. Located in Afula city, adjacent to HaEmek Medical Center, PhytoPharma collaborates with a number of Israeli hospitals.

Growth Behavior

Using revolutionary growth control technologies consisting of unique sensors (including plant related sensors), artificial intelligence algorithms and automated growing control method (GBITM), PhytoPharma is able to achieve better quality in yields, more produce, enhance specific characteristics in the yield and achieve unprecedented repeatability in the cannabis growth process.

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Advanced Breeding
of Specialized Seeds

Applying out-of-the-box multiple breeding disciplines, in the form of hybrid seeds and propagation materials, PhytoPharma produces more than 200 different, proprietary varieties of cannabis*, distinctive from each other in their active ingredients composition.

*All protected under plant breeders’ rights (PBR).




Non-infused Medicinal Cannabis Honey containing 10,000- times lower measurable concentration of active Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids have been effective in pain relief, sleep support, stress and anxiety alleviation, as well as many more clinically recognized and validated benefits. Yet, enjoying these health effects has always come at a price – psycho-active effects.  

PhtyoPharma introduces a patent-protected method which delivers the full benefits of Cannabis without the intoxicating effects or chemical interference. 

  • First results indicative the effectiveness in relieving pain and alleviating insomnia
  • No recognized psycho-active effects to date
  • Proof of concept achieved

*Administered orally at 1 gram daily doses