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About Us

Established by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience in agro-technologies, medical research and plant breeding, PhytoPharma brings innovative solutions, aiming to improve peoples’ lives by unlocking the full potential of medical herbs and plants. 



Cannabis Honey is a non-infused highly bio-avaliable cannabis-derived honey containing up to 1,000 times lower measurable concentration of cannabinoids, compared to common treatment methods, well under 0.3%.



Cannabinoids have been effective in pain relief, sleep support, stress and anxiety alleviation, anti inflammatory and antibacterial effects, as well as many more clinically recognized and validated benefits. However, enjoying these positive health effects has always come at a price – psychoactive effects.

PhytoPharma's Solution

PhytoPharma introduces a patent-protected method which delivers the full benefits of cannabis without chemical interference, having no identified psychoactive effects. 


Administered orally at 1-3 grams daily doses

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Growth Behavior

Closed-loop irrigation system powered by plant sensors, cloud computing and data analytics, enable us to monitor your field in
real-time and provide automatic irrigation control based on your
crop’s needs.


Better Quality. More Produce.
Less Water. Repeat. 

Using  revolutionary growth control technologies consisting of unique sensors, artificial intelligence algorithms and automated growing control method (GBI™), PhytoPharma is able to achieve better quality in yields, more produce, using less water, enhance specific characteristics in the yield, and achieve unprecedented repeatability in the cannabis growth process.


Complete Service Pack:

  • Automated irrigation according to the plant's exact needs
  • Real-time alert system
  • Online charts and reports
  • Recommendations
  • Weekly agronomic report

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